Onsite Services

Onsite Data Sanitization

Disposing or relocating assets with confidential information poses significant data security risks. The process to properly remove data from these devices can be time-consuming and the software required can be expensive. MPC can perform onsite data sanitization services for customers nationwide consistent with MPC’s data sanitization procedures and in compliance with DOD 5220.22M and NIST 800-88 Standards.

Onsite Data Destruction

MPC’s mobile and onsite data destruction services allow customers to witness the destruction of data from hard drives and other storage devices at their own facility. Many corporate policies require this assurance to mitigate risk of data loss. By taking advantage of MPC’s onsite shredding services, customers nationwide can ensure their data is destroyed in consistence with MPC’s data destruction and environmental procedures.

Audit Report & Inventory Capture

When making procurement decisions, accurate information is crucial. MPC’s specialized onsite services and tools can accurately and efficiently provide specific audit reports and inventory to assess and evaluate assets.

Project Management

Whether you are relocating offices or consolidating data centers, MPC can provide the personnel, planning, support and technology required to ensure all goals are successfully achieved. From logistics, to data sanitization and destruction, to equipment audit and inventory capture, MPC’s professional onsite services ultimately save customers the laborious time, effort and cost it takes to manage these projects on your own.

Logistics Management

MPC’s centralized logistics support team provides professional services for installation, deinstallation, packing and transportation. All MPC logistics and transportation providers are fully insured, audited and trained to provide cost-effective services to customers nationwide.

Onsite Services